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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Art Spam

Hi Everyone.
I haven't blogged for a while as this month has been extremely chaotic in my other life. However, I wanted to share this piece of spam I received, it stood out for me as being truely unique and a fine piece of junk.

So thankyou, Rasim Kabi, or, indeed Mr Nob..

Hello ,
My name is Nob , i am a talented artist . i can create a world ( MONDE ) as pronounced in french for you inside a painting .
I base in NIGERIA and i have a gallery called ( CHAMILLION GALLERY INC . ) , i like to paint and also like chilling alone .
I believe you will like to have a piece of my artwork , like making an order for a portrait of your ownself , the moment you see this mail .PLEASE FORGIVE MY IGNORANCE , AM NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE . I JUST BELIEVE YOU WILL LIKE TO HAVE A PIECE OF MY ART - CREATIVE , AM SERIOUS .
Nevertheless , i like beautiful girls with skill and style that can be usefull to me and the world . I am single , 21years in age . I school in ghana . I have been painting for 5years now , am good in it and i really love the act of painting in general .
it's a world of my own . We only got one life , i want let you fall...
I need you and you need me too . I KNOW THE WAY I FEEL WITH YOU ... Don't be afraid to move a little closer . I want to be were you are , i am made to be creative and usefull .
Please don't hesitate to call my HOT LINE , if you see my mail as a usefull information ; + 234 705 666 1910 , ghana branch number + 223 247 243 319 .
NOTE ; This is not a scam or false , i pray you understand my mail . Is like moving mountain , just live it .
The moment you reply to this mail , i will send you picture piece of myself . So you will be able to know who you are dealing with in person .
Make an order for your portrait now . My mail address is , don't fail to mail me .
Lots Of Love ,

So, I'm sure you'll agree this is an outstanding piece of spam and should be applauded in a slow, two hand, full bodied, trembling clap. The sort where you clasp your hands together after the sound has died, and sort of shake it back and forth before beginning the next clap.. you get my drift?

So, my AFL display at te-tuhi has dramatically reduced, but the manny and barbies are still there, albeit shoved into a corner to make way for the new painter's t-shirts.. who's exchibition by peter stichbury is quite cool. I particularly like his tom-hanks inspired shotput paintings. They are like little portraits on shotputs, all perfectly round and lovingly detailed.

On trademe I am buying up woolly the shops it is hard to find real wool! So many crappy synthetic jumpers that end up not keeping you warm at all.

I have however found a nz brand of down jacket which is quite cheap and very snug..
These are not fashion jackets by the way..pure necessity keeping warm.

IF you are reading this blog, drop me a line or a comment, It will make my day, and fuel my addiction to electronic mail delivery..

Has anyone seen batman? Is it good?

~Rhondah~ in winter woollies.

I bought these slippers from the 'friends of the earth' shop in melbourne. Aren't they just adorable?


Anonymous said...

oh possum. Spam spam spam. I know what you mean about acrylic jumpers...... as if you could get warm, just because it looks warm. May as well just stop and stare at a photograph of a heater. If you do find any woolen jumpers (actually i think all the good ones are in the south island op shops)... I suggest cutting the arms off and making legwarmers, like this:
Also... are you missing a black hat?

Anonymous said...

i saw a man wearing a stylised eye patch, like a curved one, and it gave me hope...