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Sunday, July 6, 2008

AFL visits Melbourne

Hello again. Two posts in one night. Well aren't you lucky.

I thought I'd better report back on my melbourne adventure, before I can't be bothered.
My sister emma lives in melbourne, so periodically I feel an urge to travel the ditch and be completely spoilt by her wonderful cooking and generally having a wonderful crafty arty yummy time. I love this city.

I knew I was in Australia when I saw this man on the airport bus to southern cross.
My sister assures me he is from the gold coast. By the look of his attire (it is WINTER HELLOOO)..I think he thinks the rest of australia is that warm. Well at least his mullet will keep his neck warm.

We visited Sticky, an artists platform for zines and other things. It's actually in a subway tunnel. They have this cardboard box by the door which you can take anything you want as long as you swap it for something. We took that triangular book thing in exchange for a badge that we'd just made. (you can go in and make badges there.)
Me and my brother visited the Melbourne centre for contemporary art. Didnt think much of the show but the toilets were choice.

We found this in a train underpass. We think it's art. It's filled with rocks from somewhere, leaning casually on the wall, for people who are running to the train to completely ignore. But Emma noticed.

Here, somebody wants to sell some fish. I wonder if they sold any. Pretty good marketing words.

The little cupcake shop. One chocolate and one strawberry. delish.

I wanted to make a chocolate cake with raspberry coulis. Here's how it's done. MMMMM

Cook up some raspberries.

Moosh them with a fork. Add the juice and a few pieces of mandarin.

Serve over your chocolate cake.. which i'm sure you can find a recipe for..add lots more chocolate than reccomended and make it DARK.

OH OH OH so good..and still warm.
the next morning, add some blueberries to the coulis and make pancakes to go with it. Some Agave syrup also is good. mmm.

Made this scarf with some fabric from the op shop. The little green scraps were emmas though. She collects them and folds them neatly on her craft supply shelf. She has a whole floor of her house for art and craft supplies. OH the wonders.
Here are the badges we made at sticky.

In a set here. Alphabet. Banana. Bird.

Fabric badges. The few that turned out. damn it.

Misc. badges.

I made emma a scarf with a donkey on it. She is donkey crazy.
I am wearing my bird one now. It is very warm.

Some things that make Melbourne cooler than Auckland:

-They have a transport system
-They have dedicated cupcake stores
-They have camper stores everywhere.
-They have lots of specialist chocolate shops.
-People know what good food is.
-They're not all wanky like sydney types.

This is all for now. Have fun making raspberry coulis. I HIGHLY reccomend you doing that right now.



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Luke Munn said...

hey what a great blog post. so much goodness to comment about that I can't decide!

love the badges, the rock trolley, the cake. got any pictures of the crafting floor of your sisters place?

and congrats on getting your first spam!

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