News from Anti-fashion Super Hero, Rhondah Rhombus

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rhondah gets down and dirty in the blog trough.

Hi Anti-fashion leaguesters, and random stumblers.

You have found a blog that potentially will change your life! Yes that's right - you've finally found that light at the end of your tunnel/wardrobe, that will guide you through the murky haze of fashion confusion, crime and guilt, into the all embracing warmth, clarity and acceptance that is THE ANTI-FASHION LEAGUE.

The Anti-Fashion League (referred hereafter to as AFL) asserts your right to wear whatever you choose, whatever the
day, month, week, season, year it may be! It promotes freedom of choice for all you clothes wearing people (and all
you nudists too.) Lastly, it promotes respect for hand-bag sized dogs, who (except in some parts of canada and alaska)
usually have four legs that walk quite well. They do not need to be clothed with pink knitted goods. It's not their fault.

The Anti-Fashion league has big plans for 2008. Myself, Rhondah Rhombus, and my little helpers Rory, Leonard and Motorway rooster are planning to spread the word globaly about Anti-fashion league. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the Anti-fashion league website will soon offer world wide shipping for it's goods.

Top ten things that get up my nose about fashion: (as according to Rhondah Rhombus, president of AFL.)

1. hazardous open toed sandals (practically asking to be stubbed)
2. highly reflective sunglasses (so you can't tell where the person is looking)
3. hand bag dogs, and more recently, hand bag bunnies, (and dare not mention it..handbag babies.)
4. 'pre worn-in' clothing (takes all the fun out of doing it yourself)
5. clothes with 'two way' zips (was one way really not enough?)
6. clothes with sequins sewn in 'series circuit' (you loose one you loose em all.)
7. crocs. nuff said. I dont CARE how light and practical they may be.
8. fake retro. (new, but from 1978 surf club, evidently..)
9. shoes with no grip. (fresh rain +tiles = certain death)
10. clothes you screw up small and dont iron EVER (it's unnatural..chilling..and how much space does it really save?)

Keep poised for the next Anti-fashion blogspot. Together, we can make a difference.

Ever hopefully,

Rhondah Rhombus.
Anti-fashion Leage