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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lists of things

I'm always surrounded by lists of things. Sometimes they're grocery lists,
more often they're things I need to get done, sometimes labelled in order of
importance, or difficulty, or the order in which i should do them.

Just a few lists I'd like to share with you:

Things i've been eating lately:

everything bagels
muesli with grated apple
hot chocolate
cheese pizza (hey, it's cheap in billyburg)
Oasis falafel sandwhich with extra beets and cucumber onions.
smoothie with mini marshmallows. (try it it's great.)

Things I'm looking forward to:
my trip to london/barcelona/japan.
nz summer weather

Things that are minorly annoying right now.

people not understanding my accent, hence
repeating myself constantly
ice on the footpath
cold weather in general
having to wear so many layers look like michelin man
$5 US for a coke at galapagos.  Daylight robbery!
Tipping. It sucks..
stinky subways
having dreams about rats quite often. (there's one living in our
cupboard but it can't get out into the house cos we taped it shut.)

Things I'm planning when I get back to nz:
Lots of secret plans i cannot disclose right now

Things that scare me right now:
travelling with a trillion kgs of luggage to japan..
imagine one person carrying a cello on back, two suitcases in hands,
hand bag and guitar? just not enough limbs.
Portishead. Actually it's always freaked me out.

Things that are cool in new york right now:
rainboots (these are what we call gumboots)
hot apple cider
uniqlo heattech! so cheap, so necessary.

Cool songs to check out:
'Beast for thee' Bonnie Prince Billy
'Faded from the winter' Iron and Wine
'Each Coming Night' Iron and Wine
'Hang Gliding' Maria Schneider
'Gobbledigook' Sigur Ros
'Ragged Wood' Fleet foxes
'River man' Nick Drake

Bye for now.. 

Rhondah in NYC

Friday, January 2, 2009

Horse Cakes

In honour of Philip the horseman, I baked these vanilla/chocolate cupcakes.

Philip will make an appearance on this blog very shortly, after his new york debut.