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Friday, May 30, 2008

Gallery of Glamore

Wow! You must check this out!

Sorry I haven't posted for a few weeks.. have been awfully awfully busy..
I am currently working on a fantastic cardboard shelving unit for my display
at te-tuhi..thinking of making it like an old TV, since the display area has glass
walls, so you see it from both sides.. on the inside of the tv is the shelves with
the t-shirts..maybe it will work and maybe not but I'm gonna try.

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Bye for now,


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anti-fashion goes technicolour

The Anti-fashion league has this week gone COLOUR for two special
ONE OFF t-shirts. These were only ever designed as one off t-shirts,
so whoever buys them is one lucky person..
They are listed as Men's size little, but would probably be a women's large or average aswell. They are more guy-style than girl though.

Here are the two little beauties.

The BOYCOTT DOTS design began it's life differently, as a badge. But now for a limited time it is a T-shirt.

And the timeless classic, the CORNSUIT in beautiful technicolour..
Both now available from the shop.
Now this weekend is going to be crazy.. I am entering my own team into the 48hour film competition! Official 48 Hours site.
I also entered last year and it was great fun. This year we are planning on a slight variation to last year's 'paper actors' theme.. this year our actors are made from fluff and oven-bake clay.

A little set back with some of our characters being burnt to a crisp..or melting altogether.. but we have made do. It's 'character building' to have a black-tipped nose isn't it?

Soon, Antifashion league will be setting up a shop on which we are very excited about. if you've never been to Toggle, I suggest going there toot suite. It has free shipping throughout NZ!

Also, the pineaapple war helmet and manny-kin will be finding a new home at Te-tuhi gallery shop in pakuranga, on their very own platform to showcase Anti-fashion to the world!

Barbara may get a little shelf also to perch on.

I will post the 48hour film here early next week so be looking out for it! If I'm still awake.. usually I could sleep for a week after those weekends.

~tootles, Rhondah xx