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Monday, November 24, 2008

8 most underrated muppets

Hi peeps. 

Well as most of you know who survived the 80s, Jim Hensons muppets originated in new york city. Before the insanely annoying Elmo, there were muppets with substance, with real personality. Here, you can explore the 8 Most Underrated Muppets and view videos and pictures of them.

Tonight I am puppeteering in a work in progress showing of David Michael Friend's EGO. Check it out here.

Bye for now..and don't forget to check out our vice-president's blog here. It gets updated much more regularly...


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ok, So like, NEW YORK!

Punters, I am so sorry I have neglected thee over the past few months.
You see, I have moved to the big dirty old USA. I will be based here for the next 6 months,
and so, when I left in september, I had a lot of settling in and music shiz to deal with, but now,
I have quite a few posts to fill you in on anti-fashion league happenings in brooklyn and new york.

Firstly, I have to be slightly undercover, as my flat mate is a fashion designer who works in midtown
manhattan..I think she suspects something..

I now live here, in williamsburg, brooklyn.

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The people in williamsburg:
1. Hipsters (kind of like emos but with pointier shoes, less black, and MUST HAVE oversized glasses and a macbook of some sort with them at all times.

strummper jumper

hipster A


Hipster B


Hipster C

Now, in williamsburg, hipsters are everywhere, so it confuses me why people are so negative towards them..they are trying to be different, so they are all the same, if you know what I mean.. I think they make it a colourful place, and a lot of them wear second hand clothes, which is nice and green and friendly..

This is the subway stop closest to my house. Some unfriendly person has tagged it..

So anyway, the Anti-fashion league is slowly starting to come to fruition in williamsburg. I have decided to do all the printing myself, and after several failed attempts to expose using the sun, and a squeegee to apply the emulsion, I forked out for some essential tools of the trade, -and emulsion scoop coater $23, a fabric squeegee $7, a 250w light bulb $8, rubber gloves $2 and lots of second hand silk screens and ink, sellotape, emulsion, screen cleaner, activator, photocopies, mylar copies, masking tape, pieces of glass.. the list goes on and on and on..

It's finally working properly now, and I've got the exposure time down to 25minutes. This is pretty cool. The only problem I have now is I stained the bathtub black with ink the first time I washed out my screen. So I need to figure out a cleaner way to wash out my screens. I could do it outside with the hose possibly, but it'll be snowing here soon and not so pleasant to be hosing outside. Big plastic tub methinks.

So, some new designs and improvements on old designs are in the making.

The Cornsuit, new and improved.

Knit me a dream. The new knitting enthusiast tee.

Gnomey... societial outcast - where does he belong?

The new poppyseed bikini (and the heads that didn't make it.Still up for comments on which head might be the best model..

''wrinkles are cool?" Ok so I just want an elephant print, so I drew one.

The new designs will be available soon in a variety of colours on tees AND sweatshirts, in the new etsy shop. News and a link to that soon when it's well stocked.