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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rory and Leonard - Anti-fashion mascots.

This post is entirely devoted to the idea behind Rory and Leonard, Anti-fashion league mascots. They got VERY jealous when Motorway Rooster got his own post, so it's about time they got their percentage of blog coverage. Firstly, I'll start with saying, Rhondah could not do her job without their constant support and inspiration..

A bit about the duo.

Age: 13 years. That awkward age.
Hair: Reddy orange.
Face: freckly, slightly weird shape. Cute button nose.
Likes: Helping Rhondah at saving the world from fashion
Waffles with peaches. Cuddles with Leonard (but don't tell anyone.)
Dislikes: Asparagus. Being called 'carrot head.' Fashion.
Girlfriend: Don't ask.
Favourite game: Scrabble.
Future career: Anti-fashion President.
Sometimes worries about: Being crushed unexpectedly when the day comes when he finds the spot where the odd socks have gone to over the years.
Often worries about: The hazards of open toed footwear and the frequent requirements of many school children to wear these every day without exception.

Age: 12 years. But still furry.
Hair: brown
Face: Brown, with little rosy cheeks.
Likes: Riding in the supermarket trolley.
Dislikes: Washing machines. Feeling that he cannot solve all the world's problems with a little cuddle.
Girlfriend: Prefers to remain loyal to Rory to serve his emotional needs. feels a girlfriend would definitely come between them. Physically.
Sometimes worries about: The fact he's only a bear and the world won't take him seriously.
Is always amazed at: Rory always knows what he's thinking, even before he says something.
Last night dreamed about: Being trapped inside a handbag inside a washing machine.

The evolution of the mascots:

A page full of mascot development ideas.

A mock up of Leonard for the vip club mascot.

Doughy mascot. Looks like a weird unbaked cookie.

Even an older mascot was considered.. this appears to be tomato man, but he just wasn't cute enough.

An older Rory with quiff hairdo.

Original sketch for VIP club signup.

Current day Rory.
Rory's very own product. Never got off the ground. Although I did source some freckles from a map supplier in Chicago, they refused to send them for under $25 US postage so I opted out. (the freckles themselves cost $4.)

Leonard joins the campaign to stop bears in washing machines.

So now you know a bit more about the mascots, it's time they got sent some fan mail! All fan email can be sent to antifashionleague at gmail dot com and letters can be sent to the address included on the traders page of

~Time go go, Rory wants to check his email.

x x Rhondah x x

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Super Hero Portraits

With power comes responsibility. As any super hero will tell you, with any super power, there is always a downside. Sadly, this results in many stressed and gloomy heroes.
Take me for instance. Rhondah Rhombus, Anti-fashion activist and anti-fashion super hero. I have guided many a fashion-disaster to the light at the end of their wardrobe, which IS the anti-fashion league. But along that path, I've been harassed by the Paps, bitch-slapped by fashion heavy-weights, and tripped on the anti-fashion cat-walk of life. It is, the path less chosen, and Be warned. Super heroes have their troubles too.

Recently I returned from a trip to New York City. There I found to my great pleasure and surprise, a real-life SUPER HERO SUPPLY STORE. There you could get all the invisibility gum, lycra suits, lazer vision pills etc etc you could possibly want. It also doubles as a school for aspiring young writers, out the back, through the turning bookcase. TOO COOL.
super hero store.
Poor square man. Saving the world's square edges from becoming rounded, through routine wear and tear. Metaphorically square aswell as geometrically, Square man stands up for all the 'squares' of society, those that don't fit in, are unusual or hard to categorize. In my opinion, the more interesting folk in the community.

Atlas man. He can make time go faster or slower, by doing forwards and backwards rolls. It's basic gymnastics, but it could be very helpful in certain situations.

Carrot man. You all know we are vegetable friendly here at the Anti-fashion league. Carrot man is standing up for the rights of veges throughout the world!

Let's not be sexist. Carrot leg woman. Much the same function as Carrot man, except capable of much more because she's got arms. Also makes carrot man happy on lonely nights.

What about old super-heroes? Definately under represented in popular culture. Here is an artist's projection of Carrot leg woman in 50 years.

Onion man. In this heartless society, onion man is here to make you cry. Come on! it feels so good to let it out once in a while.
Every super-hero need's his or her "arch-nemisis." Maybe here is Rhondah's.

Lightening man. Despite his suit, Lightening man feels burdened by his ability to conjur up electricity. He feels his super power has prevented him from forming a proper relationship. He has too much 'positive energy' perhaps. And he can't take off his rubber boots for fear of shocking himself in his sleep. He is getting counselling.
Poor lightening man.

I sign off now, - very soon a new post on AFL's mascots, Rory and Leonard.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Hazards of open toed footwear.

My Friends,
Finally, the post you've all been waiting for!
I present to you, the highly educational, "HAZARDS OF OPEN TOED FOOTWEAR'' short film.
Please inform your family, friends, neighbours of the hazards by forwarding them this link.
I have spent WAY too much time on this for it to go unnoticed..

Many thanks to those Aucklander's whose toes unwittingly have starred in this film.
Yours ever hopefully,


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mystery Cookies - Who stole the country from the cookie jar?

My dear readers.
I am sorry to disappoint those waiting for the video post, but rest assured it is coming. In the meantime, I bring to you a pressing concern.
A friend of mine is currently in Belgium. When I heard this news, I promptly advised him to try and find the real authentic versions of my favourite biscuit - The belgian biscuit. Here in nz we can get them in most supermarkets and a few great cafes, like Agnes Curran on Ponsonby road. (Complete with a doily.)
A classic example of this delicious biscuit. For those who haven't tried - the biscuit bit tastes a bit like cinnamon and sweet spices. It's not particularly sweet though, that's why it's sandwiched with raspberry jam and layered with white icing and jelly crystals sprinkled on top. Take care not to sprinkle too early or they will just make the icing turn pink, and loose their crystally goodness.

Agnes Curran is a tiny cafe just on the corner of Franklin road and ponsonby road in Auckland. It used to be a french clothing outlet, now it's home to some of the finest china and teacozys auckland has to offer. The colour scheme is just brilliant, and the staff are friendly too. I once had a hot chocolate there, and before I had a chance to drink it, the guy took it away again cos he was worried it wasn't going tot be hot enough. Sweet heart. Another thing I like about Agnes is there is one big long table in the middle where people sit around, and a few tiny two seaters around the edges and in the window. All sorts of people hang out there. And there are usually lots of exotic dog breeds waiting outside for owners to finish their jammy scones. (pronounced as in 'cone' not 'on'.)Agne's homemade lammingtons.

So. I ask you dear reader. Where on earth to Belgium biscuits come from? Apparently not from Belgium. My friend Alex suggests we in NZ have been subject to another case of geographical misrepresentation, much like the cases of the 'french fry', the 'danish pastry' and the 'english charm.' Hmm.

Any comments or enlightenment would be MOST helpful.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this pressing concern,


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Art - where has the fun gone?

Ever wandered around an art gallery thinking - I wish artists would take themselves less seriously?
Well the art genie has granted your wish. Now showing at Te-Tuhi the mark is the best bit of kiwi art I've seen in a while.
The Bouncy Marae! yes.. this is bringing together Art, Culture and FUN.. I had a good bounce.
Don't forget to take off your shoes.

I love the colour scheme, in Te Tuhi colours..

It was a bit dark inside, so I decided to use some flash.
I found several small children trapped inside.. They seemed happy enough.

Here is info on this brilliant arteest:

That's all for now. The next post will be a real stunner, I have been working on a video for you! That's right.. so sit tight until then..

love , Rhondah ~

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The miraculous return of Motorway rooster!

Many of you will not be familiar with Motor-way rooster, who has lived for years crossing the road between the entrance to the southern motorway from the south eastern motorway. Each day he would journey across the traffic to a small verge of grass between merging traffic and the motorway.

Mid-way through 2007, I had very low hopes that Motorway Rooster would ever be seen again, as giant diggers and men in orange vests errected barriers across both sides of the onramp, caging out Motorway Rooster from his home. On most of the grassy verge that he used to peck about happily, amongst the discarded coke cans and takeaway wrappers, there now stands a steep concrete verge.. and although many of the road-work barriers are still there for some reason..Motorway rooster HAS RETURNED!

Visit to read his very own Comic strip! More episodes coming soon..

This is a photo of motorway rooster taken before the road works.

The grass is a little dry, but he doesn't mind.

After three months leave, I snapped him again to my great relief.

However, on reflection, i'm not sure if this is indeed motorway rooster, or a motorway hen? It's a bit hard to tell.

Anyway... apparently motorway rooster has a name! This showed up in the paper this

For a long time I have wanted to put up a sign, and build motorwayrooster his own comic web site. But for now I just have the sign. I am waiting for all the road barriers to go down so I can pull over and stop to put it up.

Here is the sign:

So anyway, if you want a motorway rooster badge,
let me know!

Let's support this little bird to keep his patch of paradise,
albeit shrouded in vehicle emissions and discarded rubbish.
Not to mention half finished roadworks.
Poor little Rocky.

~ Rhondah ~