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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Having a tidy up? make sure your broom is up to it.

Check out this inventive use of everyday brooms.. Cleaning can be fun! ? although in this case it's appearance before function I think.

thanks Mat for the link..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Anti-fashion league at Craftwerk

I have just recieved word by homing pigeon,
that Anti-fashion league will be attending the Cross st carnival! This is fantastic news. Prepare for next saturday the 16th of feb, 2-7pm for a day of candy floss, weird clown things, entertainment and craftwerk goodness. There will be lots of cool bands including the shades.. who are cool.
Listen to their groovy music

Cross st is off mercury lane, which is off k'rd, near subway, central auckland. The whole road will be closed off, so park somewhere else and walk.

I have ordered some brand spanking new t-shirts to be printed, including women's pineapple war helmet t's at long last and by popular demand. If we are lucky maybe even some 'legalize lycras' in mens sizes. But don't hold your breath. Hand bag dogs will be in popular demand with a handbag dog pet store just around the corner (I will organize placards if you do the protesting!).. But of course you'll need your t-shirt on first.

Don't forget to vote for the poll (near the bottom of the page.) that's all for now..
See you saturday, 2pm
Feel free to cross dress - it isn't called cross st for no reason! :) Anti-fashion promotes fashion equality for both sexes..
Rhondah. xx

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rhondah promotes AFL at local gallery, and gets a golden pash.

Hello AFL punters,
It's Rhondah again, back for more Anti-fashion blogging goodness.

Firstly, I would like to announce an alternative pronouncement of the commonly used word 'google.' The 'g' may now be prounced 'joo' as in 'gentleman'. Since this is a made up word, it seems many people are simply following the pronounciation trends without any real thought towards other alternative pronounciations. Ok, so "[Joo]-gil" it is. Feel free to spread the word.

Now, for some Anti-fashion neighbour hood market goodness. The AFL had it's first market stall to raise public awareness at Te-Tuhi the mark, in Pakuranga on saturday feb 2nd. A small but interesting market, AFL attracted many new league members. AND many people wanted to buy the pineapple war helmet. I'm sorry but it's not for sale - but feel free to make your own!

Other stall holders included Kimberlee who has a lovely little profile of lots of other stalls including AFL.

Rhondah womaning the AFL stall with the womaniquin

Annabel Rhondah's trusty sidekick modelling her beautiful don't litter tshirt.

A golden pash with rhondah..any league boy's dream.

Ok fingers crossed the Anti-fashion league will be appearing on FEB 16th at CROSS ST CARNIVAL! yay!
Craftwerk is holding stalls there and we've applied for that. So they better except us or we shall have to sulk for a while.

Ok pretties, I am going to do the next post in a while as I have a little special feature sorted on the hazards of open toed footwear. This is a pressing issue and prominently topical in this summer weather in NZ.

Bye sweets,

Ever hopefully,

Rhondah. xx